Of Religion and Cosplay: Thou Shalt Not Mix Them

A penny for your thoughts? I liked the discussion on this post especially since it is something I think of as well (except for the hijab opinion but that is the person’s perception and I will respect that).


Want me to be really honest? I’ve tried my best to not even stir the delicate fabric that is religion whenever I discuss an issue related to otaku culture. I really tried. I’m an atheist; I believe God doesn’t exist. But, I can’t be open in this country because the state “forces” its people to have a religion. And because a lot of people are morons who can’t distinguish “discussing an idea” from “blatant attack on personal belief”, I refrain from discussing atheism openly.

But, this… just for this once, I’ll break my commitment to discuss something that I think was meant to be good, but got botched in conveying its message, thereby making it look really stupid.

Just this morning, I woke up and turned on my phone. The first thing I did was masturbate open Facebook and I was intrigued by a status update of a friend. He…

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