RRawPH Review: Coco Coffee Soap

MrBeanBodyPH is now RRawPH!

I’m on a roll and I still have loads to write about. Ha! So this post is all about rrawph’s Coco Coffee bar. As I mentioned in the caption, MrBeanBodyPH (whose products I’ve written about. Refer to this and to this) is now renamed as rrawph. Yes it comes with an extra ‘r’.

Formerly, their soaps were branded as Neuro Soaps but recently they’ve changed brand names and went for rrawph. It will take some time of getting used to but their products are still the same: vegan and hand crafted with love. Ira, the owner of the shop, is an acquaintance of mine from university and she knows her stuff well. She’s also quite a health enthusiast herself and easy to talk to and so far, there’s been no client complaints about her shop so you can really trust her.

Coco Coffee Bar
Coco Coffee Bar

Okay, on to the nitty gritty.

Rrawph’s Coco Coffee is made out of real dark roasted coffee and cold pressed coconut oil. It’s also affordable as it retails for Php 59.

I worship coffee. When you’re in college its either coffee, tea or water you live by but basically we have a silent motto of “No Coffee, No Life”. However, I wasn’t aware that aside from being a drink, coffee also has other uses.

According to Livestrong, coffee as a skin care product has its uses. One, it is a natural anti-inflammatory, meaning it reduces swelling and redness of the skin. Two, it can help reduce under eyes (no wonder I don’t have much eyebags) and three, reduces cellulite.

Cold pressed coconut oil, or simply known as virgin coconut oil, comes with several uses. WebMD mentions that it’s been ingested for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and the like. Cosmetically, it’s a skin moisturizer and is used to treat psoriasis.

A closer look of the soap bar. You can see real ground coffee incorporated to it.
A closer look of the soap bar. You can see real ground coffee incorporated to it.

What’s also interesting to this soap is that coffee is not only mixed, or diluted even, with the solution. In fact, ground coffee beans are added into the mix for added measure so you can really exfoliate well with it. At first wash, I wasn’t able to feel the ground coffee at first but after two to three washes, I could finally feel its gritty feeling. Plus, it smells like legit brewed coffee to the point that I would rather eat it than lather it all over my body. AND NO DON’T EAT IT PLEASE.

Like the previous soaps I’ve reviewed, I haven’t experienced any allergic reactions when I used it so I can deem it safe. And no, don’t eat it. No matter how yummy it smell, please don’t eat your soaps! XD However, if you’re cautious about having an allergic reaction, you can always swatch it over your damps hands just to make sure.

I still have two more bars to review on!

Thanks for reading! ❤


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