Online Shop Review: Iloilo IG Shops I Simply J’adore


Okay the title, grammar-wise, most likely ruined the French language. I apologize in advance for that. But I’m not here to romance any of you with my bad French but rather I’d like to share two of my favorite Instagram shops in my area: infinitycouture and clothes4less.

As you can see, I have this unhealthy obsession with online shopping. Okay maybe partial because I only shop, or windowshop, whenever I feel down. There’s nothing wrong with emotional shopping just as long as you have limits.

I’ve been through so many shops and these two have been my go-to since because (1) they are within my budget, (2) they are easy to talk to and (3) no need for shipping because they’re within my area.



I came across this shop by chance and I’ve been a returning customer since. Their clothes are simply well.presented as as equally cute when you get them. Sizes do fit though you really have to be sure if you’re a size S, M and/or XL. Basically, you get what you see and if the item does have flaws they let you know beforehand.

From time to time, they would also place accessories and bags in their lineup but you have to be fast as stocks are limited. But if you’re  long time buyer, they give you a first look privilege where you get to see their collection items before everybody else gets to see them.

Drawbacks: Their clothes are one a piece so its a race to see who gets the items first. I myself tend to be disappointed whenever I see an item I want and someone gets it seconds before me. Grrr!

In terms of shoes, they cater mostly to bigger sizes so it’s sheer luck if they do have shoes in size 5 (yes, I have tiny feet) and in styles I like.



Another shop I would often find myself dropping by from time to time is this one. Like infinitycouture they stock one item a piece but this shop often puts up interesting and unique pieces to the point that I can create a mori clothes with them.

Drawbacks: Similar with infinitycouture but they tend to sell faster.


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