MrBeanBodyPh Review: Tea Tree Oil Soap


Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here but don’t fret because I’ve come with brand new content! First in the line up is MrBeanBodyPh’s Tea Tree Oil soap bar.

MrBeanBodyPh’s Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar

My previous readers would know that I’ve previously written a product from MrBeanBodyPh which was their NeuroScrub line. Like the scrubs, this hand-crafted soap is made out of vegan and all-natural products.

Tea tree oil hails from a plant native from Australia where it is used by the Aboriginals as a topical medicine for centuries. It’s also used as a topical antiseptic and also as an anti-fungal. In terms of cosmetics, it’s used as a treatment for acne. In short, tea tree oil is not meant to be swallowed.

This is the product description from the shop’s Instagram:

Tea tree oil soap can help beat body odor. Offensive body odor is caused by bacteria on the skin and clothes, according to the Health Services at Columbia University. Antibacterial soaps can help resolve body odor, as can tea tree oil soap, which is antimicrobial. Bathing regularly with tea tree oil soap can diminish the bacteria that lead to body odor.

What’s interesting enough is that this is a limited edition type of soap and sells for Php 60 (roughly $1.3). In addition to that, the bar’s really big and thick. I do hope the pictures do make a point on that.

I’ve personally tried the soap on my hand and so far no rashes nor it is irritating on the skin. In fact, it’s very nice and gentle. Plus the packaging’s very cute and highly eco-friendly! So if you’re tired of using those harsh antimicrobial soaps (not naming brands, hee hee) and would want something more natural better try this out.

Until next post! ~Karen

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