MrBeanBodyPH’s Neuro Scrubs


Look who’s back! Sorry for the long haitus, life called. You will all see changes to this blog but I’ll talk about it in a different post. Right now let me give you a nice review on a new discovery my friend introduced me to: Neuro Scrubs.

These charming scrubs are organic scrubs made from natural ingredients such as sea salt and sugar. According to the product description Neuro Scrubs are body scrubs that exfoliate, empties pores, eliminated blemishes an restores balance to the skin’s oils.Aside from that they also help get rid of dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal and acts as a natural detoxifier. Not bad since I needed a new product as the ones I get from the mainstream market like Pond’s doesn’t do well for me (they add up to it but it’s a matter of personal preference).

My bottle contains their chocolate variation nicknamed as Serotonin. It’s product description says it has anti-bacterial activities and helps keep skin radiant healthy by moisturizing it. Furthermore it also help with mood and sleep.

My Neuro Scrub named Serotonin

All I can say this product s effective as it claim especially when it comes to my blackheads. I used to have blackhead problems no matter what product I use. My skin got better, softer and smoother and funny enough, I sleep better. Though I was skeptical on using this product at first, I was convinced that it was worth the Php 180.

Added bonus, it’s edible! Yes, the scrubs are edible aside from their really good odor. I had to fight the urge to eat these when I first got the bottle. It did smell like chocolate and it tasted like chocolate. And no, my stomach did not hurt from my silly escapade. #chocoholicproblems

The scrub is made out of organic materials such as salt and sugar so it’s very important that the lid should be kept tightly closed to prevent it from getting wet or getting whisked off by ants.

I deally, the scrubs are for the face but it can also be applied to the whole body as it also helps with skin discoloration (I have those from the garters of my underwear) and stretch marks. It is also recommeded that you scrub every other day though there is no harm in scrubbing every night. Tried it and there was no harm.

In terms of side-effect, so far I had none though I had the initial itch when I first used it. It was probably with my skin getting accustomed to the product.

The downside of the product is that you have to be very meticulous on where you place it and how you close it because of the all-natural products it is made out of. You have to keep the lid tightly sealed so that ants and moisture can’t get into it and ruin the scrub.

You can purchase Neuro Scrubs at MrBeanBodyPH at IG.


Photos courtesy of MrBeanBodyPH and me. Comments? Suggestion? Feel free to message me at



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