Event Review: Iloilo Hobbycon

Alright! The first edition of the Event Review series! Remember that this is my personal overview of an event and is not exactly a surefire way to judge the event as a whole. Think of it as a comments section and personal views as a con-goer.

The first convention in my list: Iloilo Hobbycon!

Just a fraction of Hobbycon's crowd. YES A FRACTION
Just a fraction of Hobbycon’s crowd. YES A FRACTION

Off with a promising start is the recently concluded Hobbycon held at the Marymart Mall Activity Center last August 10 and 11. Gear towards the Ilonggo hobbyist community, it’s one of the biggest gatherings for enthusiasts, beginners and curious souls. The Marymart Activity Center was littered with people, booths, collectibles (majority were toys and models), consoles from PCs to handhelds and did I mention people?

Initially, I thought cosplyers would dominate this event just like how they dominate other non-cosplay-centric events in Manila but boy was I wrong. I had clearly underestimated the amount of hobbyists in Iloilo City.

A friend teaching friends the ropes of Magic the Gathering
A friend teaching friends the ropes of Magic the Gathering

There was so much activity every where from panels, tourneys to sellers. I could’t help but stare at the different figurines and cards displayed and for sale (though a bit sad as I really did not prepare any cash for it. Tsk Tsk)


Okay, judgement time.

Let’s kick off with downs.

First, I wish it was a bigger venue because there was barely any leg room but hey, it has to start from somewhere right?

Second, I observed that some booths like the fingerboarders looked so far away and the Tamiya people were barely even given attention unless you managed to wander off towards the women’s comfort room so I sincerely wished they were also somewhere close to where the traffic is. I felt like the attention was more on the computers games, MtG and figurines.

Third, panels. I love panels as I learn so much from them but I found it so hard to listen or to even make out on what they were saying because of noise from other booths. 😦 Same was with ICCON. I couldn’t understand what Carlo Vergara was talking about because of the extra noise going on.

Now with the ups.

One, it was an excellent event for both newbies, oldies and curious ones to come and collide. I managed to get hooked to MtG because of it (and after watching a mock battle between two friends) and got information about where to get dices and cards for D&D and MtG. I even met a person who spearheads a 4th Gen D&D campaign and asked him questions relevant to the topic,

Two, toys! Too many toys, no money at all. If I had the cash I would’ve bought that Momohime and the very cute Danbo whose eyes light up.

Three, friends. It also served as reunion for friends whom I have not see in AGES.

Four, cosplay. Cosplayers were all cool albeit I was expecting a lot to compete. Cosplaying Con-goers > Competing Cosplayers. I think the primary sprirt for cosplayers attending cons are back 😀

Overall, Hobbycon kicked off with a great impression for me and I hope they can add more especially on the computer games area. 😀 Can’t wait for next year!


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