Contact Lens Review: EOS Blythe Red

Hey guys! By now you might be expecting me to write more about Taobao but I think I can do more. Shopping takes a lot of risks and a lot of us would like to make the most out of our purchases that’s why we look for reviews. Shopping for contact lenses that will really appeal to us does take some time and a bit of trial and error and A LOT of inquiry so here I am pouring my own thoughts on a brand where I felt extremely satisfied especially since my dark eye color is a challenge to pair up with mainstream lenses.


Today I will be reviewing EOS Blythe Red.

EOS Blythe Red
EOS Blythe Red

I’ve been looking for red lenses that will give a very sharp look on me without drowning in my natural very dark brown eye color. I’ve had my share of disappointments in the Sparkle series and extremely dissatisfied  on how it felt, not just on how it appeared. Then my friend told me that two lenses may be within my standards: Sakura series or EOS. EOS lenses are readily available in my country, almost the same amount as GEO and a lot of cosplayers who go for accuracy and quality go for it so I told myself why not?

So I bought myself EOS Blythe Red and upon trying them on, I realized why people recommend it so much:

  1. Striking Color– For something that’s barely within the Nudy spectrum, EOS Blythe’s  color pops out even on the darkest natural eye color. I didn’t have to use much lighting to even take a good look but proper lighting makes the colors pop out more vibrantly. I give the color a 5 out of 5.
  2. Comfort– I’ve had my share of “breaking in” pains just like how one would have to suffer when they break their newest toe shoes except when it comes to contact lenses I my eyes go red and sting when I first wear them. For EOS, I felt none. Once I managed to pop in it, it just felt like part of my eye. No pains, only a few blurry seconds where the eyes sort of slides the lens into place. The only pain I felt was when I didn’t notice I wore the left one in reverse. Hahahaha, silly me~ I give it a 4.5 out of 5.
  3. Affordability– Not exactly the cheapest lenses but not expensive either. You would be the luckiest lens user if you find one in a bulk order promo like 3 for 950 or 2 for 700. But in average, EOS lenses cost as much as GEO ranging about 400 to 550 pesos the most (albeit I’m not sure on how much it costs on other countries). I’ll give affordability a 3.5 out of 5.
A Misaya Reiroukan trial using Blythe Red
Misaya Reiroukan trial using Blythe Red. Pardon the bad make-up. I’m still working on it.

You might be asking on where I got them. I bought these at GWY Shop by the way during their promo where I get to buy 3 pairs for the price of Php 950 (EOS lenses are priced at 400/pair). I definately recommend them if you’re looking for good deals for contact lenses.

Blyth as marketed by GWY
Blythe as marketed by GWY


  1. Hello, do you know what other shop is good now ? Now that I tried so many shops I really prefer products from Solution-lens as they only have genuine items and they offer 1 free pair for every order of 2 pairs, but I am still open if someone knows better deal ? Thank you !!!

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