Incoming Product Reviews II (Bhiner Taobao Agent)

I’m on a roll this month apparently and I have another incoming batch of stuff I’d like to share and review for you guys. As you know, I love Taobao because I get to see cheaper products and often stuff that I cannot find her in my country that is in my taste and in my size. It’s quite difficult to find footwear that can settle nicely for a foot swimming between 4 and a half, 5 and 6 after all!


Anyway, a lot of people have been raving about this agent called Bhiner. Curious as I was I decided to order from them which was a whole new shopping experience. I will elaborate further in a separate article. These were what I bought and awaiting arrival from Bhiner.  It was shipped via Airmail HK so I will be expecting it to arrive somewhere in September which is no big:


1.) Parental Guidance punk duffle bag – 5.99 yuan (0.99 USD!)

Bag as taken by the agent. See how it is neatly folded and packed with plastic?
Bag as taken by the agent. See how it is neatly folded and packed with plastic?
Product Image
Product Image

I bought two of these puppies which both will be given to my friends since well I feel generous (I might do giveaways here too once I get enough readership ;D) and they’re both so adorb!

2.) Forestgirlfan’s Mori girl bag – 39 yuan (6.55 usd) lolibagprodpic OH. MY. GOD. Finally  mori girl items that are not just clothes! Not to mention that I have been silently worshipping this taobao shop for its wonderful mori girl collection! A definite site to visit for any mori girl.

3.) Floral print creepers/platforms– 39.60 yuan (7.56 usd)

Size 6
Size 6
Size 9
Size 9

Pretty much bought two of these pretty little things: one for me and one for my most favorite person in the whole entire world (lol) These sorta made me nervous because of weight. You know that what makes shopping in taobao a burden is the weight cost once the stuff ships out.


4.)  Gold rimmed hipster glasses – 18 yuan (3.02 usd)


Can’t have enough John Lennon glasses, right?



  1. I discouraged you all to go through the agent bhiner
    it’s scammers
    with bhiner you may lose your money
    bhiner taobao agent is a thief
    especially do not buy via bhiner agent

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