Taobao Agent Review: Taobao Spree

Hello! It’s me again with another edition of my Taobao Agent Reviews! As the title suggests I will be doing a review on my current favorite Taobao Agent TaobaoSpree.

If you’re a frequent Taobao shopper you will come to see that there are four ways on how to shop here: (1) Live in China, (2) Have a relative in China purchase them and mail it to you, (3) Find shops that you can pay directly or (4) find an agent that will act as your middleman. The fourth is the most common hence if you scour the net you will find a bounty of taobao agents that offer their services at a price.

However, scams through this are also wide and thus its important that you also find adequate reviews about agents all over. In my search for a good taobao agent alot have recommended (including local friends) that Taobao Spree is a good agent and I did not regret the suggestion as they are better in service than my last agent

Frontpage of Taobao Spree

Taobao Spree has been a Taobao agent since 2009 and has been frequented my several shoppers worldwide especially Lolitas. That is why it is not strange on why they have a Lolita sector in the site or their sources for links are from Lolita blogs in Live Journal.

Taobao Spree’s “Pledge of Service” as I would call it

Unlike others who plainly stick to EMS, DHL and Snailmail, Taobao Spree has a wider variety in terms of iternational shipment including DPEX which is the cheaper alternative to DHL but more expensive than EMS. DPEX by the way delivers to your doorstep unless your package is really huge.

ScreenHunter_07 Jun. 01 13.16

Here is the order flow of Taobao Spree. Their order form is in Microsoft Excel Format but your own customized form is also welcome to them. I personally find their excel sheet very handy and easy to grasp (and no-brainer, just copy paste necessary info and you are good to go. Less hassle too). For each client an agent is assigned to them which makes the shopping experience more personal and smooth since you get to talk to only one person and this person seems to take note of your preferences.
ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 01 13.14
ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 01 13.15 ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 01 13.15 ScreenHunter_06 Jun. 01 13.16

I have had no problems with TaobaoSpree whatsoever. They gladly spend photos of the items you ordered as proof that they have arrived and also waits for late payments especially in the second payment part. I personally find their patience saint-like since I always add and subtract items in my order form.

The only thing hassle is the communication lag which is by email so it might take a while for replies from them and for non-US buyers like me, i still have to convert my USD to HKD.

Overall rating for TaoBaoSpree is 9/10 stars and it is a highly recommended agents especially if you are a first time buyer



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