Incoming Product Reviews


Finally did some Taobao shopping for myself and according to my agent from TaobaoSpree and EMS my package has finally arrived in my country and is currently in our crappy customs. Here’s the nerve wracking part, since the customs here isn’t really honest. If they like your package, you usually charge you silly fees and if you can’t pay they get to keep it. Silly right? But so ar I’ve had no problem with it. Once the items have arrived I will give a thorough review on them for you guys. 🙂

In a preliminary breakdown here are the items I got: (photo courtesy from my agent amed Doris)

1.) Mustache Platform Shoes

Mustache shoes from Ms. Cat
Mustache shoes from Ms. Cat

69.99 yuan (roughly 70 yuan, I usually round off prices to a whole number) from Ms. Cat. Comes in violet but I don’t really dig the violet since I can’t rock it well so I went with a color I know I can rock


2. Light Blue John Lennon Glasses

John Lennon glasses
John Lennon glasses

19.90 yuan (20 yuan a pop). Been hunting for puppies like these and these are the cheapest that I can find that are in an assortment of colors.


3. Cross Necklaces


5 yuan per cross so since I bought two crosses they cost 10 yuan in all. Daruma’s also a great cosplay site. I might buy the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Kou Yukina stuff from there too >w<


4. Black wig and Purple twin-tail wig

black wig purple wig

Two new wigs from different brands I have not owned yet and you know what that means? Wig reviews! > r< I’ve been ever so curious about GhostCos wigs so I decided to give it a shot for my Misaya cosplay (Fate/prototype)

Can’t wait to do the reviews and I hope you guys could stick around! Will do soon a TaobaoSpree and Bhiner Taobao Agent review.


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