Taobao Agent Review: Charmbuy

Store front of Charmbuy
Store front of Charmbuy

Given that I have done taobao shop reviews, why not my own taobao agent shopping experience. I have been shopping on taobao for more than two years now and there are a few agents out there that I would love to leave feedbacks on. First on my line-up is Charmbuy. I came across Charmbuy on a random whim as I was searching for a taobao agent.

I had four criteria in mind during my search or a taobao agent:

  1. Cheap agent service fee
  2. Easy purchasing mechanics
  3. Paypal as mode of payment
  4. Ample reviews

A lot in various sites and blogs have talked about how Charmbuy is great over other taobao agents so I decided to give it a try.

At first my experience with Charmbuy, in the early stages was great. Here were the good points from this taobao agent:

  • The site’s customer service speaks English fluently
  • Prompt with replies
  • Very nice enough to say the availability of the products as well as give the breakdown
Charmbuy's services
Charmbuy’s services

My first round of purchases from Charmbuy was smooth so there were no hassles when it came to our first transaction. However, first impressions apparently don’t last. It all started when I was going to make my second purchase batch with them. Replies started lagging up at first I did not mind however when my items have arrived and I was well about to pay the shipping fees going to my country, I got the shock of my life:

An email on my final transaction with Charmbuy.
An email on my final transaction with Charmbuy.

Yup, their Paypal account is suddely gone and asks me to pay via Money Transfer or Western Union. I’m not very enthusiastic about this because of the fees I have to pay when sending money on Western Union and I have found Paypal extremely convenient. They did not even bother explaining WHY there is no more Paypal in their payment services.

I insisted that I pay through Paypal because (1) it is convenient for me (2) my money is already in my Paypal and withdrawing it is subjected to Paypal fees which is a great deduction to the balance I will receive. What frightened me is that they took a long time to get back at me with another Paypal account and ANOTHER long time to update me with the status of the package. It certainly did not help that all of this happened on a December which is the high time in parcel congestion due to the holidays.

Long story short: Because of certain discrepancies especially in communication, I doubt I will have another transaction with the again. Oh and they never placed Paypal back in their line-up again.

So overall rating for Charmbuy is 2 out of 5 stars. 

Anything you want me to review? You can do so by contacting me via Facebook or by leaving a comment below! 🙂



  1. I like going through your blog. It’s so informative, especially when you do TaoBao reviews
    My phone is lagging right now, but Im going to go through your other entries when I can use the PC

  2. A lot of Taobao agents used paypal but some buyers can cheat them out of their money too. After they send the items and the person receives them they’d get paypal to refund it leaving the agent dry and with a limited paypal account. I’ve seen this happen to quite a few agents and now a lot of them will just use western union.

    • How mean!!!
      I find Paypal is the safest payment methods since I’ve got my credit card information stolen twice. But those buyers you mentioned above were so evil 😥

  3. […] However, scams through this are also wide and thus its important that you also find adequate reviews about agents all over. In my search for a good taobao agent alot have recommended (including local friends) that Taobao Spree is a good agent and I did not regret the suggestion as they are better in service than my last agent […]

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