Taobao Review: Grand Young

Grand Young Lolita Accessories

Alright, it’s been a while since I talked about anything and since there’s a lack of proper Taobao shop reviews (unless you really search long and hard enough) I decided to tackle the first taobao I’ve purchased on: Grand Young. Grand Young wigs are one of the cheapest known cosplay wigs and loved by cosplayers in my area because of its fine quality if not for it being cheap. They also provide cosplay and harajuku fashion accessories.

So far the wigs I personally own under the Grand Young brand are my Inori Yuzuriha wig and my Anarchy Panty wig (below)

A take on Grand Young's Inori Wig

A take on Grand Young’s Inori Yuzuriha wig. Photo by Jeddy Solinap
Another look of Grand Young Panty wig when it is buned up from behind
Another look of Grand Young Panty wig when it is styled in a bun (bun can’t be seen). Photo by Erving Go.
Another take on Grand Young's Panty wig
Another take on Grand Young’s Panty wig

Why do I like Grand Young?

  • Wig fibers are soft
  • Wigs are thick
  • Wigs can be combed easily and are heat resistant.
  • You can purchase directly from them and pay via Paypal.
  • They ship using DPEX which is pricier than EMS but faster (my orders after processing arrive at my doorstep within 7-10 days depending if there are holidays).
  • The wig net is wider and adjustable, so  a head with a wide circumference can find this wig brand a perfect fit

Any problems with this wig brand?

I do have a few issues with this wig brand. Sometimes the style and color may not exactly match the reference picture on site so you have to do a bit of styling.  For example the Panty wig is extremely long. Ideally Panty’s hair is just by her butt but the wig went all the way down my ankles so a cosplayer’s height is also a factor in terms of length.

A friend of mine says that GY wig colors are sometimes inaccurate when you receive it in person

In addition, GY wigs have the tendency to have “falling hair” but the good side about it is that given they are think you don’t see much of a difference.

There was also a time that one of the wigs from a batch order was not included however the owner was kind enough to ship it free of charge as I have already paid for the wig beforehand.

Fashion frames from Grand Young

In overall, I give this wig brand an 8/10 stars. You can visit Grand Young’s taobao site here 



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