Fashion Trip for a change

Yes another Lookbook post. I’ve been leaning to fashion lately but not like the go-by-the rules stuff like Lolita. Nope, I’ve always believed that fashion should be something you should feel in. Not the temporary type, mind you but the feeling that you are actually rocking it and making a weird shirt like the Meme Shirts look awesome. I’ve honestly dabbled in a variety of fashion genres but lately I’ve decided to go to my own unique style and see if I look good and feel good about wearing them.

In an angle taken by Wilbert Sy
In an angle taken by Wilbert Sy

You might be wondering what I’m wearing in this set. It’s pretty easy as the look is mainly composed of the Like a Boss meme shirt, Guess? Tattered Denim shorts, a transparent bolero, a studded fedora hat, my Meili Fang wig and black booties with red nail polish from the The Face Shop and Nichido Blaze Red to break the monochrome scheme. Believe it or not, some articles of clothing like the Guess? Denim Shorts are repeated in almost every ensemble I make. The meme shirt was given to me by surprise by my sister during her shopping trip at Manila.

Photo taken by Andrew Mark Sayo of Voxel Digital Studio
Photo taken by Andrew Mark Sayo of Voxel Digital Studio

The earrings aren’t exactly visible here but they are really cute cat dangles I got last Christmas from a good friend. It’s one of the two earring accessories I like to bring around me sometimes. The other is my Sheryl Nome earrings which were also a Christmas gift from my girlfriend two years ago.

Photo by Brigs Maravilla of DPI
Photo by Brigs Maravillo of DPI

You can view this look on Lookbook as well!


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