Making yourself Presentable: Make-up


Make-up is important in fashion, well for me that is as it helps define the fashion. Let me state an example. Before how do the stereotypical kids identified? The Goth and Emo enthusiasts were not only identified by the way they dress and behave but also on how they would put on their make-up. In the real world, first impressions make a huge impact and that is why some would often put a presentable make up during their job interviews or on their job itself.

One of the things I observed is that some can’t give a believable gyaru (girl) look or lolita look because they also lack this element. Some say they are lolita or gyaru by the way they dress but make-up wise, they either look like drag queens or someone who have just slept with their makeup unremoved. Yikes!

I will set an anime as an example. If you have watched Super GALS! which is an anime about Ran Kotobuki and her adventures with her friends Miyu and Aya in Shibuya where they try to be the best “GAL” in the area. The anime also features the different genres of gyaru like the kogal and ganguro.

Gyaru noticeably have very intrinsic make up. Contact lenses, falsies, facial stickers, defined eyes and decorated nails. That’s what comprises a gyaru.

Lolita have to look like prim and proper ladies – not too much make up but at least to make them naturally cute.

Mori Girl and Dolly Kei go for more natural with less falsies and more on neutral colors.

Here are a few links that might convince you to do better make-up:


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