Dyeing your hair: Hair Chalk

How pastels look like
RAINBOWWWWWWW. Nope these are just pastels not chalk >D

It’s not that strange to see teens dyeing their hair in this day and age, after all such fad seems to be some sort of  “initiation rite” to be cool ora way to express and be set apart from others. Whether it’s only highlight streaks or everything your crowning glory may offer. dyeing makes you look cool.

Many suffice themselves with highlight streaks or the simple orange-blonde type of dye and a few eventually venture to the crazier side of the color spectrum such as violet, pink, blue and green.

Although some would have an instant makeover by wearing wigs (pricier but still works), many would still prefer to  brave the consequences of peroxides eating up their already dead hair strands. But there’s actually a non-peroxide way, or to place it simply, a safer way of coloring your locks, by using chalk.

Chalk isn’t for kids and teachers only – it has become a fashion statement. The trend was started by Lauren Conrad after  she showed off her chalk-colored locks in her blog, The Beauty Department.

Browsing through Facebook, there has been a trend selling these items called hair chalk. These are claimed to be soft as a pastel stick in which it is rubbed on the hair strands to give off the vibrant colors without going through the pains of your hair heating up.

More pastels

The great thing about this is that it’s temporary and non-hair damaging. You can color your hair all you want without worrying about frizzing to an unsalvageable state.

Second, the hair chalk you find online can be found in your local bookstores and art stores. They are called pastels, the non-oil based ones mind you. These are extremely cheap in comparison to the seemingly overpriced hair chalk found online.

The drawback of this type of hair dye is that it’s messier than the application of those liquid hair dyes you find in beauty stores. You’ll need to do this in the bathroom wearing old clothes or towels during the application. The dye created by the hair chalk is good for a day unless your hair gets wet during the day’s duration.

If you are puzzled on how will you be able to apply this nifty hair color cheat, the internet has several sites including blogs and YouTube videos. Some tricks to make the color stick a bit longer is by wetting your hair by lightly weting it first before applying the chalk as this will help the absorption of the color. For darker hair, it is recommended that one should go over their lock with white chalk to make the colors pop out more.

This kind of hair dying is recommended for those who don’t want to go to great lengths to damage their hair just to be trendy. This method may be a little bit messy but definitely became a trend-setter because of its handiness, cheap materials and a total do-it-yourself even the younger set could try.

*The original article is in our local newspaper The Daily Guardian, published late last year.


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