Taobao Review: Fantasy Sheep

Fantasy Sheep is one of the pioneer Taobao shops when it comes to wig Cosplay. If I heard it right, they make and design their own wigs unlike other shops that sell factory made ones.

I have both bad and good experiences with this Taobao.

Let’s start off with the good experience. When I first ordered with them I was impressed with the service. I trial ordered their Persona cards just to test the waters of direct order process rather than find an agent and pay a certain percent for their services. I had it shipped via Airmail and was pleased with their prompt service.

FS’ Persona tarot Cards

I soon ordered an IA wig from them for a supposedly Vocaloid cosplay (which was then scrapped) so I ended up using it for various fashion shoots. The fibers are wonderful and very easy to brush on. The wig was thick and nice and it even came along with a skin tone wig cap.

However, that was the last time I ever got any positive results from that Taobao shop. January 7, 2013, I once again asked for Person Cards this time 5 sets to be shipped via EMS. There was a prompt answer from Cristy He under this email: I checked the site and saw that she was their English customer service. I readjusted a few things and got the final amount to be given. I needed a bit of time to come up with the amount. When I did, I paid and waited. However, nothing came. The last message between us was on January 11, 2013.

Briana-Sama also wrote about her experience with the online shop. However, unlike her, Cristy nor yoitsukizuna has not since contacted me about my order and it has been a MONTH. I raised a dispute but then withdrew it as I was hoping that they would communicate with me once I have dropped the dispute. Unfortunately, that was a bad move and now I cannot get the hard-earned 10USD I sent for silly cards.

If you are wondering if they have an Alibaba, yes they DID. cannot be accessed anymore.

If I were to ask about my opinion I would give this a 3/10.

I leave this open for discussion but believe me I think I will just order via an agent when it comes to this shop so that Chinese won’t get in the way of a customer-seller relationship. I believe the reason for the whole thing is language barriers.


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