Fansign? What the heck is that?!

Fansigns are meant to be shout outs from fans to their idols. They can get pretty ridiculous for example this woman here. Her fellow fan doesn’t look too amused
Taken from:–nhl.html

They’re everywhere! In Google Images, Facebook, MySpace, etc. What is a fansign?!

A Good Samaritan from Yahoo! Answers seemed to have answered that in the simplest manner

A fansign is when you write something on a piece of paper (e.g., I love Melanerz xxx) and take a picture with it . The name can be written on your hand, your body, a piece of paper, anything really. This seems to be the in-thing with teens these days. I’ve noticed more gals around me do it but barely any boys. They’re normally used for myspace.  

Urban Dictionary seems to agree to that definition as well.

However, did you know that fansigns are really shout outs made by fans for their idols. If you’ve attended concerts or games, more or less you’ll see signs that go: “Go XXX! Go!”, “I ❤ You XXX”, “Marry me, XXX!” Those are what fan signs are. However, that seemed to take a different turn recently.

Fansigns can go from okay to weird as fans are really known to show devotion and dedication to their idols – to the point of asking for marriage or for their babies. Here is a good article by Harrison Mooney in Yahoo! Sports entitled “Twenty-three of hockey’s weirdest and most inappropriate fan signs “Twenty-three of hockey’s weirdest and most inappropriate fan signs”. As you can see the image used above is from this page.


Any Susan Boyle fans out there? Image from The Distraction Network (
 Today fan signs are made to either serve as a shout out, to boost popularity status, to thank the fans of a rising star or as a form of vanity. It would be understandable if you are someone with a huge amount of following but a bit awkward to see a person who you barely know suddenly post a status like this in social media sites like Facebook: “Post your name in this post to get a free fansign from me!”
The most ridiculous sets you could see are people half-naked or in odd positions and angels and posing in front of the camera with a cardboard name plate in front of their chest.
I do my own fansigns however I only do it as a shout out to certain people
I do my own fansigns however I only do it as a shout out to certain people and on certain occasions (mostly when I go to cons far from our area)
However, people sometimes would treat this as a virtual collector’s item or a virtual greeting for those far away and who cannot attend an event. That’s how I see it in my personal opinion.
Whatever reason may it be, that is all entirely up to you.
This post is open to discussions about the topic! I’d like to hear feedback and thoughts from you my dear readers!

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