Miku Hatsune = Black Rock Shooter?

An image of Miku and BRS from Fanpop.com

Yesterday we tackled about Vocaloid, today we’ll be talking about a common misconception: Is Miku Hatsune Black Rock Shooter herself?

To kick it off, here’s a video to get you started. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you here. ūüôā

Catchy song right?

From that you can a similarity between Black Rock Shooter (BRS) and Miku Hatsune: They’re both twin tails. However, from that phenomenon and that video many often co-relate that Miku Hatsune is BRS herself which then spawned into a variety of spin-offs such as BRS Kaito version and so forth. BRS is so popular (and a bit easy to cosplay because you can pull if off by wearing a black bra under a jacket and pair it up with lace up Converse shoes and black panty shorts) that fans, the majority of them who are fairly new to the bandwagon, would often wear it on Vocaloid-themed events such as Vocafusion here in the Philippines. However, some people are not so kind especially to exclusive themed events such as this.

Who is Miku Hatsune?

Miku Hatsune
Miku Hatsune’s official art from the Vocaloid Wikia

Miku Hatsune is a Vocaloid, plainly speaking. Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer and the first to be developed by Crypton Future Media and under Yamaha’s V2 synthesizing technology. She is the most famous of all the Vocaloids and is responsible for its worldwide success resulting to several merchandise and¬†compositions making her a major Japanese icon.

She is the voice behind the song, however she is NOT Black Rock Shooter.

Who is Black Rock Shooter?

Black Rock Shooter from huke’s DeviantArt http://ryoheihuke.deviantart.com

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Rock_Shooter

Black‚ėÖRock Shooter or BRS is an original character by huke. If you are familiar with the doujin¬†group Supercell you may have encountered his name.

According to Wiki, BRS was originally just a character illustration posted by huke in his Pixiv back in December 2007. Supercell’s Ryo (who is known for his Vocaloid compositions) was inspired and it resulted to the song with Miku as the vocals. Then huke¬†joined Supercell and provided the images for the music video (MV), there rest was then history.

In the original illustrations, BRS is noted to have uneven twin tails where one is shorter than the other. She also sports two scars on her torso and her hip and it is her left eye that burns with a blue flame.

BRS is known to have her own franchise which consists of an OVA, manga, anime and video games.

Here is an example of a BRS video game: Black Rock Shooter: The Game

To summarize: Miku only provided the vocals for the song and is not BRS herself.

So next time when you’re cosplaying a character, make sure to do a bit of a background check. Keeping this post open for any discussions, we might find out more if we discuss the topic ;3


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