Making Pastel Look Dark: Pastel Goth

So I will be discussing a fashion that is completely new to me until now. I find it hard to describe it so I had to find a source who understands the concept more than I do so I asked cosplayer, model, Fashionist and La Salle School for the Arts Fashion Student Ami about Pastel Goth.

For her Pastel goth deals with pastel colors such as pastel pink and lilac (usually on hair) over goth fashion (usually ensembles  revolving around the color black). For her the fashion is quite cute although some people see it as a combination of both and hipster fashions.

My thirst for more knowledge led me to googling up the fashion, albeit it took some time to get the right keywords. Here are some blogs that speak about the fashion.


Example of a pastel goth from
Example of a pastel goth from

Little Goth Cat is really informative as it defined and pointed out aspects of PG, HG and NG well. According to the blog PG is creepy-cute. A highlight of the fashion is the inverted cross of St. Peter. Notably, the author points out that the popular picture blog site, Tumblr, that the reception of the said fashion is both hot and cold with more leaning on the negative reception.

Amy Asphodel author of Ultimate Goth Guide also pitched in a bit of her insight about the said fashion.

I would like to leave this post open to any comments and discussions but remember dear reader that we are all civilized here and it is best keep a clean debate



  1. I’m a big fan of both pastel goth and bubble goth…but my personal style leans towards EGA and Victorian goth. I think some people are so obsessed with the idea of goth having to be BLACK, that they have a hard time thinking pastel goth is “real”. Of course there is a wide variety of people involved in said fashion, some see it as only fashion, and some think it should be tied to lifestyle / world view. Those who think it has to do with lifestyle and world view sometimes have a lot of disdain for those who see it as a fashion / trend. So this may have to do with the wide range of negative and positive reception.

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