Mori Girl: Slightly Defined

This is a slightly rehashed from the ones that I wrote for The News Today and The Daily Guardian.

Review on Mori Girl

Mori Girl is a new fashion sense that has just emerged from Japan last 2007.

Mori Girl comes from the word mori which means forest. The style is heavily influenced by European culture especially from countries such as France, Ireland, Germany and most especially heavily influenced by Scandinavian countries. The reason behind why it was named such is because the ensamble makes the girls look like they’ve worn a very lovely outfit into a forest and had just emerged just years later.

In short, the style gives a down to earth type of look.

The key in this look is neutral, toned down colours, such as beige, cream and peach, put together with clothing made from cotton and lace. One upside of this fashion is that it makes used clothing from your grandmother’s closet like scarves, aging lace, and other nostalgic looking fabrics look fashionable and, also at the same time; budget-wise one does not have to spend so much on fabrics and sewing fees unlike the specific look of Lolita. The neutral color palette also makes one look younger.

Make-up in this style is kept to a minimum, sometimes no make-up at all since the style somewhat promotes natural looks.

The only downside about this fashion style is that when one looks at sample pictures of Mori Girl around the internet, it would seem that the style is made almost entirely of cotton, like scarves and blouses, which is notably hot especially for tropical countries such as ours. It will be hard for those who wish to follow such simple style in hot weathers especially here. Also, this style may make one look old than their age but that would entirely depend on the one donning their ensemble.

My first attempt at Mori Girl

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